Monday, April 13, 2009

I Still Got It

"This week has been sweet. We put like ten baptism dates and things are looking beautiful!" "It's been really cool. I'll tell you the names after they are baptized."

Braxton and his companion got on a trampoline the other night and Braxton said "believe or not, I still got it." He was able to flip and do all the tricks he could when he was younger and lighter. He did confess that his back hurt afterwards and he thinks it might be from the extra weight he is carrying. (I think it might be from not warming up) He loved it and thought it was fun though.

His comp got a "Dear John". He was really down and it really slowed the work down. (see why you shouldn't have girlfriends?) Brax said that things got a little better each day though. "Easter is........well........they have a Holy Week, and this is when they don't eat meat. They have a play of the day Christ was crucified, and that's about it."

Sunday Braxton celebrated his birthday with the Zamudio Family. He said it was sweet. The family put one of our family pictures in a frame and gave it to him so we could all be there with him. (ohhhh) They also gave him a mask, a tie and a cake. (like he needs another mask) He loved it and they even let him take the car for a spin. He will be celebrating his birthday, on his birthday, with the Cruz Soto Family. "All is good, I feel great, I'm working hard, and I'm Happy!"

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