Monday, October 5, 2009

Good and Busy

Even though Braxton was only in his area for just 2 1/2 days they were busy. They taught 23 lessons and found 13 new investigators. (he said actually God taught 23 lessons and He found the 13 investigators through the missionaries) That is a lot more than normal. The First Presidency recently sent out a new way to work with members and told the missionaries to teach at least 20 lessons. Brax and his comp taught 7 in the two days they had and when Braxton came back from meetings that week with his zone leader they needed to teach 13 lessons to reach that goal. He said it wasn't an option to not reach it. (even thought they had been gone to meetings and didn't have the usual amount of time) They were only able to teach 11 lessons on Friday. (still darn good) So, on Saturday before English lessons they went and taught some more people and in English class Braxton taught another lesson. On Sunday they taught 2 more. They were able to finish their goal for the week and said it was pretty amazing. It has helped Braxton to realize that there are no limits to the mission, and that setting goals is very important.

Braxton was able to hear the Priesthood Session of Conference on Saturday, but that was all the Conference they were able to get. The other sessions were recorded and are being sent DVD this week. There wasn't any way to transmit it to Valle de Bravo. Brax said the Priesthood session just blew him away and that the Church is so TRUE! Again he can't begin to describe or explain his feelings about the Church and his testimony of it. He feels such an overwhelming of joy and happiness and something else. (can't put a word to it) There is no room for doubt of the truthfulness of the Gospel and the Church. "I LOVE IT"

On Sunday, fast Sunday, Braxton fasted for a new member that hasn't been to Church for awhile. He was going to fast for another family too, but felt like he should just for Jose Granados. Low and behold, Jose came to church and was able to bless the sacrament for the first. Braxton thought the day was great.

They had zone conferences on Thursday and as always they were amazing. They talked a lot about commitment. (which is obligating yourself to fulfill a action and follow forward diligently with that decision... from preach my gospel) Braxton said it really is time that we start committing ourselves to do something. Something without being told to do it. The church would grow so fast and so would we. Some times we don't act on things unless we are told. We need to take the extra step and do things on our own so the leaders don't have to waste so much of their time telling us what we should already be doing. We could all then learn more of the things that would make us even happier. ("just grow up a little and take upon the responsibilities we have as members of the Church")

Braxton also sends his love to all!

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