Monday, October 5, 2009

Plant of Mexico
There is a rope caught on the burro and Braxton is helping get it unstuck. Then I think he tried riding the little guy. The picture was blurring and he referred to it as "fetchin burro."

Vive La Mexico

Braxton has to cross this stream and go through the forest to get to a members house.
Skinny little masks. Braxton thinks it makes his face look fat even though he is loosing weight.
This is the view from their home. (I like it! I also like their treats!)
Lots of money to pay the bills. Notice the lonely American bill?
Where's Washington?
These are toilets. Braxton said his "Kamp Kaboom" had better toilets.
Peace and quiet and absolutely nothing. Braxton loves it.
Braxton just loves the country. He really is a country boy.
Oh, the beautiful country side.Mexican transportation! You gotta love it!
So many adventures being a missionary!


Brax said...

mom, do you know what that plant is? its marajuana, i put it on as a joke haha

Justin said...

of course mom knows, she grew up in the sixties!