Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pictures of Home

Braxton requested that I send him pictures from home. He wanted the tractors and cows and his truck, all the things he misses. So, here they are Braxton. I added a few of the family too.


Justin said...

Wow that yellow cat is sweet, whoever painted it did a really good job. (Posted by natalie, not justin because he is way too humble to brag about his own work)

Justin said...

Don't worry braxton, Natalie, Mya and I are still here at home even though mom put pics of the neighbors and their horses and sheep but not us. jk mom.

Brax said...

no manches!!!!!! chidisimo. no saben que tan feliz estoy.
did dad really buy three track hoes? dang it, i want dad to hire me to just work in our fields for the summer. oh how utah is sweet