Monday, November 2, 2009

Valle de Bravo is Super

Things are going great for Braxton and Elder Flores. They are teaching a bunch of really great people. They should have two baptisms on Saturday. Braxton is just really excited about them and says that their are others who are close.

On Saturday a lady named Viridiana went to the English classes. She lives really close by and so Braxton plans to teach her and her family this week. Braxton said "things have just turned around from good to........gooder."

Braxton was thinking about all the things that he is thankful for. Since being in the mission he realizes the many things that he just took for granted that are such a huge blessing to him. Like: all the Firesides in Utah, the size of the Wards, the help and love from the Ward, the church many things. He appreciates his family and friends more. And the mission itself has been one of the greatest blessing ever. Everything he learns makes him realize how much better the future will be for him and how much he will appreciate everything more too. Like his
children and "smoking hot" wife.

A fun thing that happened this week is that Braxton bought some tootsie rolls. He made a duck out of them. (you know, you should always play with your candy last longer that way) Actually, he remembers when Grandpa use to bring tootsie rolls to church and Justin had made a duck out of some. (I just remembered that the other day myself) Braxton was quite impressed with his little brown tootsie roll duck. :)

This week for a few days there wasn't water, gas, electricity, money or clean clothes. Braxton didn't like that at all. (aren't we spoiled by all the conveniences we have) Life goes on though with all those thing or not. Brax was glad when they got all those things back.

Braxton ran across a lady that owns a ranch in Valle de Bravo and also a huge one in New York. The lady is loaded in fact after Braxton had met her she called him and told him that she bought another ranch and 4 green houses. They talked about landscaping them since that is what Braxton is interested in when he gets home. They had a good conversation and it kind of got Braxton excited and thinking. He is putting those thoughts and ideas away though for now and is going to continue to concentrate on his mission. He is loving his mission. Life is good!

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