Monday, November 9, 2009


This week I am just going to type Braxton's letter the way he sent it. It was just cool the way it was.

"Holy Cow, the mission is just flying. I just love it! It's weird to think that I only have months six left and maybe it's because I'm only in my third area and I feel like I just got here. But, by all means it is just great!

Elder Tenorio from the Seventy came and spoke with us and it was just awesome!!!!!! I loved it! Elder Tenorio also interviewed me which was way cool. He only interviewed four people from the two zones that were present. When the assistants told me he was going to interview me I was way excited but way, way nervous. That is up until the time I walked into the room with him, all the nerves and fear were immediately gone. The interview was just absolutely wonderful! I've never talked one on one with a General Authority before, and it was a great blessing for me. As he said the closing prayer he prayed specifically for all of you. I thought I'd share that so that you would know a General Authority prayed specifically for a small little family in Hooper. (well at least now I know my mission has been a little of a blessing to you. ha, ha)

I want you all to know that I know this is the True Church and I promise you all that as we come closer to the Gospel and make it more fully a part of our lives, the Lord will be able to bless us more and more. Family problems will be resolved automatically as we strive to obtain Christlike attributes. Don't ever fear or doubt! Keep looking forward and do all you can and nothing bad can happen.

In my interview, Elder Tenorio asked me if there had been any undesirable experiences in my mission. As I thought about it....I realized that every experience has been for my good. Sure there have been hard experiences but after looking back on them I've only learned valuable principles from them.

Know that God loves you and that when trials arrive, thank the Lord for the chance to learn and grow. The Church is just absolutely amazing and perfect. The more involved we are with the Church the closer we become to God. The closer we get to God makes us a few steps closer to an Eternal Happiness with our Eternal Family.

I love you all more so now than when I left. I've learned things about each of you that have helped me get to where I am now. Things which before I took for granted. I'm excited to talk to y'all next month.

Don't worry about me. All is well, or even better than well. I've figured out that if I just teach really spiritual, powerful lessons that we get food. Just another incentive to be worthy of the Spirit. (haha) But seriously, we had one of the best meals ever a few nights ago with a Viridianas Family, almost all of which are now listening to and loving the Gospel. The families name is Gomeztagle. Weird I know, but cool.

Take care my beloved family and whoever else may read this. I love you all! I invite everyone to share the simple message of truth with someone who is still in darkness. May the Lord bless you as you strive to serve Him in this great work of love!

Your Mexican friend, son and brother.......Elder Ropelato"


Brax said...

i dont mean to be critical but its....elder tenorio not tenoria
love ya lots

AlexFam said...'re awesome! Your positive attitude and love for the gospel are contagious! Keep up the inspirational work!