Monday, November 16, 2009

Kick to the Face

I told Braxton that I just sent off his last package. (Christmas) He thought that was weird only because it means he doesn't have much time left in the mission. That fact is both good and not so good. He has really learned to love the people he has served and wouldn't mind bringing some home with him. He knows that isn't possible since it's really hard to get Mexicans over the border. (I'm not so sure it's really that hard...just saying)

Anyway this week Braxton continued to learn a lot in a harder way. (not quite sure how?) They had Zone Conferences which are always good and uplifting and super cool and which Braxton just loves. This time Braxton had a huge power point presentation prepared and was told he didn't need to do it. (I'm sure Braxton learned a lot from it at least) At the Conference Braxton learned a ton on how to be a missionary like those in the Book of Mormon. (something Braxton has been searching for his whole mission) The missionaries are there to help teach other people what they need to do to return to God. If the people won't let the missionaries in or talk to them the missionaries let them know that it makes them sad that they are denying blessings for them and their family and then they ask again to come in and talk. Braxton is just super excited to follow the example of Christ and his Prophets of old as well as the modern day Prophets.


Braxton is not a fan of Satan (good thing). He feels like Satan is trying really hard to stop the work in his area. He feels like Satan looks when they knock and doesn't do much if they even go inside, but when they invite them to be baptized and are told "yes" Satan turns on his "turbo" and really goes to work. It really frustrates Braxton but he has faith that the spirit will prevail which has helped him to calm down a bit. Some of the other Elders told Braxton that in a way it is a compliment. Satan is working so hard in his area because he's worried and upset at what can happen. Braxton said Satan is just way, way upset then. Braxton said "I've never seen him work so hard against people in my life."

Braxton knows that with prayer, fasting and working diligently the work will go forth rapidly. Braxton said that he has learned a lot this week and is thankful to his "Padre Celestial" (Heavenly Father). He loves how Heavenly Father gives him so many opportunities to grow and help others on their way.

I love you all! (everyone included)

The family is just the best and mine is the best of the best! (I agree(:)

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