Monday, August 3, 2009

Thing are Great!

Thing are awesome in Valle de Bravo. This new branch will have it's first baptism on Thursday. They are planning on having a few more later. There were 20-25 people at Church this week. It was testimony meeting and it was just way, way, way awesome. (as Brax put it) Braxton's companion taught a class for the members on tithing. Braxton taught the investigators the plan of salvation. It was a great day and way cool. (again from the mouth of Brax)Valle de Bravo has a prayer house. (church) The missionaries live in the prayer house too. There are 3 bathrooms and four bedrooms and it's a cabin. It's awesome and one bathroom even has a jetted tub. (which the missionaries found out doesn't need very much soap to get bubbles)All is way sweet and Braxton loves it. Even though so much is happening, Braxton can't quite find the words, or doesn't know what to share for sure. Braxton received the first tithing slip yesterday! (sweet beans)The Church is True!

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