Monday, August 17, 2009

Meetings, Meetings, and more Meetings

This week was full of meetings and hard on the missionaries. Braxton loves meeting with his mission President because he loves his president and thinks he is awesome but this week was hard. Braxton's area is so, so, so far away from everyone. Sometimes it takes 6 hours to get to a meeting. This week was full of them.

Sunday he went to Metepec for a meeting with the stake to teach them how to help the missionaries. They taught the members what the missionaries are doing and how they need help. After that meeting they met with the zone leaders. Braxton stayed there that night because on Monday they had a zone meeting. Then they went to the Federal District Center and did things from 9 in the morning until 9 at night. That night they went back to the Metepec, getting there around 11:30 pm and stayed the night there. Braxton woke up sick and didn't dare try to ride the bus 3 hours to get home. So they stayed longer. It was Thursday that Braxton and his comp finally made it back to their area. They were able to teach one lesson before they had to leave again to go to the Metepec for Zone Conference that was friday morning..

Braxton went on divisions with the zone leader and brought him to his area for interviews. They did the interview and go back to his house late. Saturday morning they had to go back to the Metepec for Braxton's comp. When they got home again they had to clean the house for Church and prepare their talks. They had Church on Sunday and then went back to Metepec again and that is where Braxton was when he sent his e-mail. He said he spent like 4 hours in his area this week is all. He said he did learn a ton but is really excited to get back to work this week.

Today for P-day Braxton went to the zoo. They went to a show at the zoo where people were dressed in animal costumes. Braxton was playing around and kicked one in the face. Braxton said it wasn't hard, he was just messing around. Everyone watching the show thought it was funny and worth the money they had to pay to get in. Braxton said it was fun! "The Church is so flipping True!" Elder Ropelato

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