Monday, August 31, 2009

Another Camera Broke :(

This week a sister missionary dropped Braxtons camera and broke it. His last camera was missing after an activity and the ward he was in got him another one. (I think the sister should do the same). This week Braxton tripped and fell on his face! (runs in the family(:)

The work is really going great. In this area the missionaries are focusing on the members. The members help them so much and love to refer them to others. It is kind of hard though because everyone lives so far apart and it takes a lot of time to meet with them. Braxton is enjoying the work though. They had a few more baptisms this week. (I think the 10 year old girls) They were baptized in the river and it was really cold. When they got in the water they started screaming. (that kind of drove the spirit away) One of the girls foot came up the first time and so they had to baptize her again. She really didn't want to do it again and so Braxton talked to her and then she let him baptize her again. He said she was fine right after he lifted her out of the river and that is was neat.

The branch is doing so good and the members just love the missionaries. They refer to them as their "angels" and that makes Braxton's heart happy! Braxton said if you want an easy spiritual experience go get the cd "Fishers of Men" and listen to it. It is of the Prophets talking and music is playing in the back ground. Braxton said it is just amazing!

Braxton says "HI TO EVERYONE!"


Brax said...

actually my last ward said they were going to get me a camera but they never did, so i bought a used one which is why im out of money to buy another.

Jan Haws said...

Hey Braxton, I always read your blog. I am so thankful for this technology. You are always accomplishing great things. It sounds like you are in a great area. You seem happy. Keep up the good work.