Monday, August 24, 2009

Fun and Spiritual!

Braxton and his comp found a scorpion in their house. They are little ugly things and poisonous. They took the stinger out of it so they could hold it. The package with the shoes is in the office so Brax will get that at the next meeting. The people in Mexico really care about the missionaries and many have offered to buy Brax new shoes. (at least four) Braxton just never expected them to be like that and it makes Braxton happy to know that he is loved and watched out for. (ya, me too!)

Braxton guaranteed me he is really focused on the work and is working hard, but he is human and did notice the most beautiful girl he's ever seen in his life. He said it wasn't a distraction, but he did notice. :)

The stake came on Sunday and called a new Branch President and they made Braxton his first counselor. Braxton was really glad because trying to do it all was really stressful.

The missionaries found three new families of the church this week. Braxton was really excited about that and said the way they are found are just plain miracles.

Braxton got to pull a van out of the mud with a John Deere Tractor on Sunday. Of course he was excited to do that. The family with the van was taking the missionaries to their meeting, but because the van got stuck they didn't make it to the meeting on time. The family invited Braxton and his comp to eat with them. When they were pulling in to the parking lot the cars were really close. Tania, the lady driving, asked Braxton to stick his head out of the window to make sure they could make it without hitting any cars. Braxton thought the window was down and threw his head quickly into it. He hit the window pretty hard but did think it was funny. (me too :D)

Jennifer is getting baptised on Saturday and Braxton is excited for that.
(getting ready for English Classes)


Brax said...

mom, we took the stinger off, not the stinker. haha

Brax said...

Brax, it makes me happy to know that you are reading your blog. :O) I'll get that mistake fixed. Love Mom