Monday, July 27, 2009

Miracles and More Miracles

(they travel 2 hours every week for meetings. Braxton is looking a bit tired)
Braxton said he has a hard time remembering and explaining all the wonderful experiences that he is having. He did say "it is just awesome!"
It was really cold and hailing yesterday and Braxton could see his breath. (who would have thought that would happen in Mexico City?) But he wasn't really complaining, just saying. He thinks it is beautiful!

He had fresh Trout this week. (oh, that he caught)

For Church this week there were 23. (woot, woot!) Nine of those were investigators. Still no building or place for church so they all crammed into the missionaries little room. (still not complaining, just saying)
Braxton said that he is seeing so many miracles in this new area and that it is just crazy awesome. Him and the branch are going to make a book of the church there in Valle de Bravo. Brax says it will be awesome, and I have no doubt it will be.

(I'm thinking he must really be busy because that was it for this week. I'm not complaining either, just saying. (:)

(Braxton is needing some new shoes. He must be working hard)

This is just in someone's house. Interesting!


Elder Haws said...

hey, Elder Rope, Keep it up bro. Don´t hang youurself, it will ket better! Y si queria decir lo que entendiste de la PiƱa compadre. aqui en my zona tenemos 4 mexicanos!!
Chao manito!

Brax said...

of course i caught the trout, and im not in mexico city. im on the bottom left of the state of mexico. its super cool beans.

Justin said...

Natalie says you look older and pretty hot(that was me twisting her words, but I m sure thats what she meant).