Monday, July 20, 2009

All is Good

Braxton didn't remember much of what happened this week. He said it went really fast. They are teaching a lot of people though and staying very busy. They found 11 new investigators this week and taught the restoration 15 times. Things are going good though.

It was just Braxton and his comp for church this week. (I'm betting it wasn't a very long meeting) They still haven't found a place to hold church but hoping this week they will find some place. They are hoping for some baptisms soon so they can get their branch going. He's learning more about patience through this though.

He went to a waterfall today for their p-day and said that was really cool. However, the batteries to his and his comp's camera died. (so I guess, no pictures) The missionaries get to go to the Temple tomorrow and he is excited for that.

He absolutely loves his new area. He says it is gorgeous and a great place to visit.

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