Monday, July 13, 2009

pinas a las ocho

Braxton is in Valle de Bravo. Him and his comp are the first missionaries to ever preach the Gospel there. They have been chosen to set the foundation for Valle De Bravo. Braxton thinks that is really neat but said it is really hard too. They are looking for a prayer house. (church building) Yesterday, Braxton experienced the best sacrament meeting of his life. He knows it's because he prepared himself so much spiritually and prayed a lot for help. There was only Braxton and his comp and a family of 5. The family isn't even from Valle de Bravo. They live in the North Mission, but they have a time share there and found the missionaries. They only come one week every year and this was there week. They held the meeting in the missionaries home, which is TINY! They sat on the beds facing each other. The father is one of the counselors to the Stake President where he lives. (Jordan Bowden from the 5th ward is in his mission). Braxton said he really didn't learn anything from the talk his comp gave but was filled with the spirit and realized how true the church is. It doesn't matter where you have a church meeting as long as you do all you can do. "It was amazing." Braxton said he knew the Lord knew that I would need some help and so he sent this wonderful family.

In the two days that they have been working in this new area they have taught the restoration 13 times and a few other lessons too. They have about 7 investigators right now too. It makes Braxton so excited to see so many people interested in listening to the great message the missionaries have to share.

Braxton just loves the work and wished he could describe his feeling better but can't find the right words to describe it. His new area is beautiful. It's a tourist attraction and is in the mountains with trees and rivers everywhere. The houses look like little village houses. He absolutely loves it!

Braxton's comp is Elder Flores. His parents are mission presidents in Chiuahua, Mexico, but are originally from Puebla. Braxton is training Elder Flores because he just barely got out there. Braxton says "I Love the Mish, it's the Best!" "I've learned a lot about how True it all is."

He signed out as......a struggling missionary in Mexico.
he also added this ps......without struggles you can't grow. You should be proud your missionary is struggling. (I thought that was exactly right, and what a great attitude!)

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