Monday, August 4, 2008

Leaving Soon

So, I think Braxton got his visa. He said he got his "permisa" and is going to send home letters and a few things so I'm assuming he's preparing to go to Mexico.
He said being there (in the MTC) for a week extra weeks hasn't been bad. In fact, he says it was actually great! They have been working in the the RC all day and he's had some great experiences teaching the investigators and being able to be an instrument in changing their lives. The other day he made 330 phone calls plus a few chats, and sent 6 or 7 missionaries to homes. He mentioned talking to an awesome Catholic lady for an hour, in fact he's even calling again on Saturday (last week). With the good always comes some bad (or trials) and he got a call from an "anti" trying to get him to go home and know the "truth" and she even said she would testify against him in the the last day. She even told him that Christ would say "Braxton on July 26th 2008, so & so, tried telling you and you wouldn't listen." (Wow) Braxton felt really bad, but it was for her because it will be the other way around. He's really hoping she will have a change of heart and that his testimony will touch her some how. So, he say's "there are ups and downs, but the ups out way the downs."

This is Braxton and his friend from Australia that he met on the cruise. Elder Raife Cambell.

He mentioned that he loves everyone, and He Loves Being A Missionary!
Captain Who? And to end with Braxton being a Lemon Head! :) (he has a big mouth huh?)

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