Friday, August 8, 2008

Phone Calls from Braxton

Wednesday, August 6, Braxton called and told Jaydan (because I was at Youth Conference) that he was going to be reassigned to the Provo mission until the visa's were okayed. We got another phone call today, August 8th and things have changed again. I guess they (The Consolate) are going to let 10 more missionaries come and so now Braxton gets to go to Mexico instead of Provo. He will have his flight plans on Monday. He sounds wonderful and has a great attitude about everything that has happened. He has found the bright side of this situation and is happy because of it. He listened to alot of Elders complain and he just didn't. He's excited to move on now.


Best of Friends said...

He is one positive kid! Of everyone for it to happen to, Brax is the best one to take it.

ynotbarb said...

Mom Ropelato, please contact Elder Kodra's parents.801-766-9778