Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Linda Vista, Mexico

Braxton is in Mexico, and his first area is in Linda Vista. He is serving with the zone leaders because they got there in the middle of transfers. He will get to serve with them for a week or so. Their names are Elder Robonson form North Carolina, and Elder Moreno for Northern Mexico (right below Arizona) He says they are both awesome and are teaching him a ton.

Now a description of Mexico in Braxton's own words: "Wow, Mexico is so crazy! I didn't even know a place like this existed. There are so many people. It's like as packed as Disneyland everywhere you go. The traffic is crazy. I'm not even sure if they have traffic laws. They just drive where ever they want and apparently it's okay. Speed bumps are the only thing that there is to enforce the law here, and police cars....weird, the police cars always have their lights on and they are all over the place. It is just a totally different world! I got tapped (hit) by a car but it was just barely."

"There are so many people, dogs, and cars and it's absolutely crazy! But, I love it! The rats are like small cats. I saw a huge dead dog on the side of a (river?) The river seriously looked like tar, just black and really thick. It was gross and stinky!" (I'm (mom) pretty sure the 'river' was sewage)

"Under some of the overpasses in the middle of like three streets there are basketball courts. It's like the only place they could put them. Their soccer fields are just dirt and the game is played a little different."

"I didn't ever think I would say this but, I like the City." "It's really cool!" "There are drunks and homeless everywhere, but everyone is really nice." "The members are awesome, they are so nice and friendly and just fun to be around."

The missionaries eat a lot. Braxton thought that once he got to Mexico he might loose some weight, but he says the members feed them a ton. More than he's ever eaten in one meal at home. He said he has ate some different things, but isn't exactly sure what because his comp just told him to eat and not ask. The members are always giving the missionaries referrals and all sorts of stuff. Braxton already has a great love for them.

Braxton's apartment is like the size of Jaydan's room. The missionaries need to fit three Elders in it. There are only two beds so Braxton gets to sleep on the couch (which is old and crappy).

"I love Mexico and the work is cool. I walk so much in a day it's scary. We walk more than we are in houses. The majority of the day is just spend walking."

"The storms here are crazy. They come out of nowhere. One day we were walking and I said to my comps-wow, it's a beautiful day, and not five minutes later it was pouring rain and hail. It was bigger than any storm I have ever seen in my life!" "The hail was huge and the rain drops were crazy big as well."

Braxton's says he loves everyone and HE LOVES BEING A MISSIONARY!

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Jan Haws said...

I love to read about the Fremont class of 2007 Missionaries. I am glad Braxton finally got to Mexico. I'm sure there will never be a dull moment for him. He will be fantastic. Go Braxton!