Sunday, July 27, 2008

Spending time in the R.C. (referral center)

(I realize this picture has already been posted, but we didn't get pictures this week, and it fits the letter this week.)

Braxton is doing good. He's hanging in there while he waits for his visa to Mexico. They have him and his group spending alot of time in the referral center. Braxton says it's cool though. He gets to call people in spanish and talk to them, even though he he doesn't understand everything completely he is getting the gist of things. He sent a Spanish Book Of Mormon to a lady and thought that was pretty cool. He said his district is actually having quite a bit of success in the R.C. which of course he thinks is neat.

Braxton said "even if I had to serve my whole mission in the MTC I wouldn't be the first." He has met an Elder that is serving his two years in the R.C. because he's not physically able to go in the field and Brax says he is awesome. (good attitude eh?)

He has a teacher, Brother Littlefield, who was the mission president in the Mexico City East Mission a few years back. A friend from our ward was serving in the mission at the time, Jace Schneider. Anyway, Braxton was talking to him and Brother Littlefield knows Ivy's grandparents that live there. (such a small world, and so cool)

While on the cruise before his mission, Braxton met a family from Australia that had a boy ready for a mission. Well, Braxton saw him just the other day at the MTC. His name is Raife Cambell. Braxton and McKay really bonded with Raife and his family. They spent alot of time together.
(I found this picture of him from the cruise, maybe not the best but that's him! :))

(Oh I found another one with more of the kids. Raife is in the back with the sunglasses)

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