Friday, July 18, 2008

News from the MTC

Braxton is waiting in the MTC for his visa to Mexico. Hopefully he doesn't have to wait too long.

Braxton had a few cool and funny experiences while working in the referal center. First, he said he was doing confirmation calls, outbound, english, and he got this spanish speaking lady. He said "hello" like three times before he realized she wasn't speaking english. So, when he noticed he told her in spanish...oh, one moment... and then he put his teacher on. Then, he got a chat that was cool. The referal center had called this guy named Austin Pace earlier about a video and going to church. Austin said they could send the video, and then he started an internet chat with Braxton asking about the video. Austine wasn't sure what video they were sending so Braxton told him about the two most common. He said he had got a bible from the LDS church and loved it. Then Braxton told him about the Book of Mormon. After hearing everything Braxton had to say he wanted both video's and a Book of Mormon. Braxton let him know how he could get them, and Austin remained on the chat for like 20 minutes without saying anything. Braxton thinks he was on the site. Braxton thought they were through and it was time for him to leave and prepare for bed, so he left the building. His teacher yelled for Braxton and his companion to come back because Austin was back on chat. While he was there the phone rang which was unusual that late and a lady asked "is this the true churck of Christ?" They had a little talk about politics. She was afraid the church would will fall, but Braxton reassured her that God wouldn't let anything happen to the church. A few more interesting things came up in the conversation and Braxton told her that he would pray for her and asked if she would do him a favor. She said okay, and Braxton said "will you have a good night?" she laughed and said she would and then said good-bye.

The Elders in Braxton's room were sick the other day and so they all decided to give each other blessings before they went out into the field and he said it was really cool. The 1st counselor in their branch presidency had told the missionaries that blessings were happening to little and not given enough. Braxton thought it was great.
Things are going great, and the spanish is coming along. He is having some cool experiences and feeling the spirit.

"I love the Church, the Book of Mormon is sweet!" "I love being a Missionary!"
Elder Cox, Elder Ropelato, and Elder Hadley. (good friends)

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