Friday, July 11, 2008

Getting ready to leave the MTC

Well Braxton has his flight plans and is suppose to leave on Monday, July 14, but he's not sure because the visas from Mexico are taking longer than expected. ***NEWS ALERT! BRAXTON'S WILL BE DELAYED FOR A FEW MORE WEEKS BECAUSE OF THE VISA'S***

He misses the fields and everything from home. He requested that I send him pictures of the cows. I thought that was a funny request, but the field is full of bailed hay and so I think I'll send him a picture and maybe he'll be glad he doesn't have to haul it.

Braxton said "the Book Of Mormon is amazing, it's not just a book any more, it's incredible!"
(here Braxton is with Samuell the Lamanite)

His district is the oldest one at the MTC now, and that feels a little weird to him. (time flies)
(Elder Ropelato and Elder Mann)

Braxton's spanish has improved alot, which he thinks is sweet. He realizes he won't understand anything though when he gets to Mexico.

This is something I've been waiting for. BRAXTON THANKED ME FOR DOING HIS LAUNDRY! (he doesn't like doing his own) (happy day for mom)

I love the pictures Braxton sends and the ones this week are great!

Elder Ropelato and Elder Hadley (friends before the MTC)

Watching Braxton "grow" in the MTC.

This is a picture of Braxton when he first went in the MTC his suits were a little big (of course this is exaggerated a little)

this is at 3 weeks...his buttons are tight! (ya, kind of)

These next two are at 5 weeks. I think he eats a little more at the MTC than he did at home.

Braxton at the Temple. He does look a bit bigger than when we dropped him off. :)

The hills are alive! (I know what you are thinking)

And this picture was so we wouldn't forget him. Who could forget the "cock-eyed" thumb of Braxton.

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