Monday, February 8, 2010

Typhoid Fever

Braxton let me know that while we were in Hawaii or having fun with our "red neck tubing" he was very sick. He was rushed to the ER on Thursday since he had felt like crap since Wednesday. The members were really scared and flipping out thinking that he was going to die. They gave Braxton a blessing but he didn't have any color in his face, had a temp of 102 and he couldn't move his body from the neck down. (he said it locked up)

The Doctor told him it was the swine flu or typhoid fever. They took a "booger" test and came back with the results. Swine Flu......negative. The Doctor said it was salmonilla (food poisioning) and Typhoid Fever! (He said "Crap"....I do too!) Anyway, he got some medicine and was sent on his way. Braxton said he felt like crap until today. He's finally up and walking and feeling okay.

He said there wasn't any reason to worry since while he was suffering we are all having a great time. In fact we must all be having such a great time because he hasn't heard from anyone for a really long time. (He'd really like to hear from YOU!)

He did think a lot during his days of being sick and learned a ton once again. He said "It's interesting how God creates time for himself to teach us." So for that he won't complain about his rotten uncomfortable, miserable week.

I also wrote to him and let him know another friend is engaged. I try to keep him up on that stuff so he knows what's going on at home. His response was: "when I get home I'm growing a beard and going deer hunting and trapping.....even if it's not in style.....and I want to learn to rope."

Not his best week......So if you just read this why don't you take a minute and write him a line or two. Braxton would love to hear from you before he really does die!

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