Monday, February 15, 2010


This week was pretty good. Braxton taught a lot and had quite a bit of progress. They had two baptisms this weekend and that was nice. At the last minute a lady decided not to be baptized. Braxton is confident that she will be baptized soon.

The little baby that Braxton had talked about a few weeks back that was so sick (had the 15 year old mother) passed away in the hospital. Braxton felt really bad. That makes 12 people that have passed away since Braxton has been serving.

Getting back to the good stuff. Braxton was doing divisions with Elder Allan in his area. They were knocking doors and found some raspberries growing on top of a house. They couldn't reach them and so Braxton got down on his hands and knees and let Elder Allan climb on his back. Elder Allan grabbed a few dropping one on Braxton's back and staining it a bit, also leaving a foot print but that's okay since Braxton wears a back pack which covers it.

Braxton's had a cold and was sneezing a bunch. Just after a family home evening while Braxton had a mouth full of food he sneezed and launched the food all over Elder Allan and himself. He felt a little ridiculous. (I'm wondering why he didn't cover his mouth?)

Braxton is a legend! There is a church owned High School there and a seminary teacher was Braxton's Bishop like a year ago. The teacher obviously has talked about Braxton in his classes which makes Braxton feel good. Anyway, at the baptism on Saturday a few kids came up to Braxton and asked him if he were Elder Ropelato. Braxton said "yes" and the kids were, it's an honor to meet you. Our seminary teacher has talked a lot about you and you are the example of what a missionary should be. Braxton got a kick out of that since he doesn't think he is even close to being the best missionary. (I bet he is!) Brax loved it though because he was treated like a super star. Braxton commented "funny things that happen in the mission."

Braxton will be calling in April instead of May so that he can talk to Jaydan before he leaves. (works for me!)

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