Monday, February 22, 2010

3 Baptisms

Braxton said they worked really hard this week and they had three baptisms. All baptisms went really well. Braxton said "I really do love being a missionary."

One of Braxton's best friends from the mission, Elder King, is on his way home. It seems weird to Braxton but cool at the same time. Elder King is from Bountiful, Ut.

As for the changes....Braxton will be staying where he is. He does have a new companion, Elder Gutierrez. Braxton doesn't know him but is excited to get to work with him anyway.

Remember the blind lady Braxton told us about a few weeks ago? Well, she plays the piano for their sacrament meetins. She has almost all of the hymns memorized. Braxton thinks that is pretty cool (me too!). What a great example of sharing your talents when it would be easy not too. This lady even volunteers to do it.

Braxton is feeling better from being sick and is back up to speed.

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