Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm Home!

Braxton absolutely LOVES his new area! (this is only his third) It is like being home. He's in the middle of nowhere. He says it's the most beautiful place he's ever seen. There are farms, tractors, horses, sheep, cows, and everything else he could want in a mission. They even have pyramids there. He already just loves his new area. His area is HUGE and there are 26 villages in his area which will make it hard to get people to come to church. The church is far away from a lot of the people. He said it would be like us having to drive past Salt Lake to get to church.

His companion is really good. His comp is Elder Cabrales and he is from Tampico. Brax said that his comp is a great teacher and this is his last change before going home. Brax said that his comp is also a little worn out from the mission so Braxton is the senior companion. Braxton said that basically he just wants to motivate him and then learn from him.

Braxton has already messed his bike up. They were riding down a cement hill that had speed bumps and Braxton had forgot about those speed bumps until it was too late. His brakes didn't work and he was really going fast and just hit it hard. He bent the rim on the tire and the tube just exploded. He said "luckily I didn't fall, cause basically if I did I would be in Utah in a hospital or dead." (yikers, I'm glad he stayed on too) He said everything is good though and mission bikes suck. The very first day he got to his new area the missionaries were riding in the rain and Braxton's handle bars came undone and he almost fell. His bike also has automatic gear shifts. It will just change gears on it's own when it wants. He said that he doesn't have a pedal on the left side either and so it really stinks. With the bike problems they have been using the bus system more than they should be and Braxton is worried because he doesn't have extra money for that. But, oh well he says "all is well."

Braxton said he is getting fat again because they do a lot of home style cooking here. (he's only been there a week, and he can already tell he is getting fat? oh, no)

"I love you all. I love the work. I love the Lord. Take Care and do all the things that need to be done at home to grow and prosper." "Take care, your son, brother, and friend in Mexico."
Elder Ropelato

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