Monday, June 8, 2009

Drugs Legal?

Braxton was talking to his buddy Cosme. Cosme is a taxi driver that needs to get divorced, married and then baptized. Cosme was telling Braxton how someone had left some cocaine in his car. He then told Braxton that marijuana is legal to use in Mexico and they are going to make it legal to use cocaine too. "Ridiculous, I know." Cosme's wife (if they would get married) got rid of Braxton's in grown toenail. Brax said it hurt really bad, but is feeling great now.

Braxton taught a great little family of three on Saturday. (it consists of a 8 year old, a 13 year old and a mom) The family came to church on Sunday (they've been before). Braxton and his comp had a sweet family home evening with them yesterday (Sunday) and they all agreed to get baptized this Saturday. "Cool beans, huh?" They all received answers to their prayers the first day. "The power of promising answers is so awesome." "The church is so flipping true!"

"I am still learning a ton all the time. I love being here in the mission. It's the greatest! It's fun, but it is way hard. It's not comparable to anything else I have ever experienced."

"Love you all!"

PS "I am always thinking about our neighbor who would get upset when I would drive the tractor in the field at 10:00 pm. Here there are diesels with their engine brakes, car alarms, horns, barking dogs, police sirens, parties with loud music every night and all night long. Ummm, maybe I should bring him over here some day so that he will be thankful for what he has." hahahaha ("I was just thinking about it.") Wow, we are so blessed!

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