Monday, June 15, 2009

forget the city, I'm going to Atlatlahuaca

Braxton was transferred today and even though he expected it he said it was really hard. He has gotten to know so many people in this area and has really grown to love them. Braxton said it was harder saying good-bye to them than it was when he left home. He said at least when he left home he knew he'd see all of us again. He doesn't know if that will happen with these people.
Braxton also said..."I'd like to think I will be able to come back after the mish, but who knows with money, time, school, my wife and 12 kids. (hahaha)"

They had four baptisms on Saturday and it was great! Braxton said he loves all four of them and they will all be great members. In fact they are already great members.
From the mouth of Brax "The Church is so flipping true. I never expected to get this far spiritually in my mission. I am receiving more than I could ever ask for. I'm sorry but I flat out don't have words for it all. As much as I hate the city, I LOVE it here. (which says a lot for anyone who knows me)
Braxton has been drinking tap water and since he hasn't gotten sick, he decided to share that with us now. (;) funny kid)

One of the ties he bought for 50 cents had porn inside the back of it. Braxton didn't know it until he was at a zone meeting. He burned it after. (he said that was a good thing since he didn't burn one at the 6 month mark) He also sent pics, but just of the face. (woooo) burn, baby burn!
"Anyway, I'm doing great. The Lord is using me to do His work and I'm lovin it."

"I love you all a lot! A Whole Lot!"
(future missionaries)

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