Monday, January 11, 2010

Transfer & Win-Win Situation

This week Braxton spent a lot of time traveling. He said more than he has ever traveled. Sometimes it was 3 hours and still in his area. They were interviewing a lot of people this week.
In one day Braxton went to Colorines, then Otzoloapan, then Zuluapan, then Zacazanapan, then Luviano (which is said to be the most dangerous place in then mish, but Braxton didn't know until after) and then to Tejupilco. Needless to say it was a very long day. While he was in Otzoloapn Braxton bought a few knifes. A cop told him it was a Federal offense to carry them, but didn't to anything about it so Braxton now has them put away in his bags.

Braxton bought some bread this week that had bugs in it. He just picked out what he could see and enjoyed his bread.

In Santo Tomas de los Plantanos the missionaries taught a girl and prepared her for baptism on Saturday. They needed to take her to church (for baptism) but they already had a full car and so they needed to let one of the members kids out so that this girl would fit. Braxton said that they were only like 10 minutes from the house but it wasn't visible and there was absolutely nothing around. It was the middle of no where. As he drove away he looked in the rear view mirror and the little kid was waving. The little kid had cut his finger a week earlier and had a brace on it so when he was waving it looked like he was flipping them off.

The baptism was amazing! It's really cold right now and everyone wears coats and a few sweaters and the baptism was in a waterfall. It had rained everyday this week and Braxton just kept praying that the sun would shine on Sunday and that the water would be warm or at least bearable. When it was time for the baptism it was sunny, but cold. By the waterfall everything is shaded but when they stepped into the water it wasn't near as cold as it should have been. Braxton baptized the girl and when they walked out of the water they weren't cold. There was a breeze and the others who were watching were cold but Braxton and the girl never were. They even walked back to the car which took another 15 minutes but still didn't get cold. It was a really neat experience for Braxton.

Braxton is leaving Valle de Bravo. He is fine with leaving the area (since it's so big) but he was said to leave the members. It was a really great experience for Braxton to serve there for so long and he grew a ton while serving there. Valle de Bravo is the smallest branch and in the area farthest south and he is going to an area with 4 wards and the most dense place in the mission (as far as member go) and it's almost the farthest north in the mission. The area is Acueducto and it is in the Tenayo Zone. It will be a big change but Braxton is way excited.

Braxton enjoyed Sunday. He said it was really spiritual even though once again the speakers didn't show and the missionaries were asked to speak about 3 minutes before the meeting. It amazes Braxton how the Holy Ghost will just guide you when needed.

Braxton said "I honestly feel happier than I've ever been in my life right now for being able to share the Gospel with others and to progress myself." "Reflecting on last year and what I did and how Happy I was. It was the happiest year ever and I learned that by being apart of the missionary work is a Win-Win situation. we grow and others grow. The Lord blesses all of us."

"I just love the Gospel and I know that God blesses the family!!! I love you all so much and my for each of you grows as each day passes."

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