Monday, January 25, 2010

kind of a rough week

A older lady that Braxton had come to love passed away this week. (on Thursday) She was the mother of Cosme and Maria Dela luz. She just loved he "guero" which was Braxton. Braxton had promised himself that he would go back to her area and baptize her. Braxton got the call just as they had walked in for lunch. Needless to say he didn't eat much at all that day. It was really hard on him and he couldn't do door knocks either because he would choke up every time he went to speak. The next day he was much better.

Braxton said that everyone seems to be sick and him and his comp have been giving a lot of blessings. A lot more than normal. They gave like 10 just this week.

Braxton experienced another hard thing this week too. A 15 year old mother had a very sick little 4 month old little girl. The baby was in terrible condition. She was having a hard time breathing, and even a hard time crying or coughing. Braxton got frustrated because the mom didn't want to take the baby to the hospital and instead was waiting for her husband to get home. Even then because of insurance reasons she wouldn't take her to the hospital that was close but was going to take her to one that was like an hour away. The mom said it wasn't convenient. At that point Braxton said "have you that about what's convenient for your daughter?" Braxton was sure the baby was going to die, but the family got in a taxi and he hasn't heard anything since. Braxton said it was a good thing he was a missionary because he wanted to smack her. (he wouldn't smack her even if he wasn't a missionary) It just really frustrated him to see a child with a child.

A good thing that happened this week was......the missionaries got a Christmas package from a family that has a missionary in the field. The missionary had told his mom to treat the missionaries good and she did. She sent shirts, deodorant, razors, food and candy. It was really cool for the missionaries to receive that package. (I love having others spoil my kids).

Another good thing that happened was when Braxton weighed himself he was down 10 lbs. (5 kilos) He was pretty excited about that! They got to play baseball for the first time since he's been out. He had a great time but got scratched up pretty bad.

"All in all things are going great and I couldn't ask for anything more. I just love the Church so, so, so much as well as each of you"

ps. Braxton found a guy that has been teaching English over a year and a half and they have an appointment with him for Wednesday.

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